extensions testimonials


I feel like my hair hasn't grown in years!!! Dawn advised me maybe that's where the road ends in terms of hair growth. Even though I'm still in denial about that one, I really felt the need to experience what Britney Spears experiences. Now that's where Great Lengths extensions come in. Great Length Extensions are considered the "Rolls Royce" of hair extensions.. that tells you something. 

... I've really had a lot of fun with my new found girly tresses ... Yes, it is an investment but if you're like me and have been desperately trying to grow your hair, go for it! I know money can't buy happiness, but somehow good hair sure makes me smile in mirror. - Nicole R


"I had a wonderful experience at Dawn Bradley Boutique. I love, love, love my extensions, and Dawn did a perfect job putting them in. I also received a gift pack full of products I needed to maintain my hair. She provided me with a complimentary check up appointment to make sure I was happy with my service. 

"I’ve had a few different systems of extensions put in my hair over the past few years and Great Lengths are absolutely the best. I will definitely be getting these done again. I’ve had my Great Lengths extensions in for four months now and they are just as long and soft and natural looking as when I first got them.”

Venetia S