Dawn Bradley Hair deals exclusively with Great Lengths 100% natural human hair extensions.

For salon guests looking to add instant fullness, length, or a pop of colour, hair extensions are an excellent option. Dawn’s first priority has always been to give her salon guests the very best – so when she decided to offer hair extension services, Great Lengths Extensions were the only choice.

Made with 100% real human hair, Great Lengths Extensions are sourced directly from Hindu Temples, which sell the hair and put profits back into their communities to fund education, orphanages, health care and infrastructure projects. In addition to being fair-trade, the hair is also treated with the utmost care after it is sourced. Instead of bleaching the hair to strip away the colour, Great Lengths uses a gentle process in which hair bundles are soaked in a "de-pigment" bath before being soaked in a vegetable-based colour, ensuring that the hair that ends up on your head is the healthiest hair possible.

Great Lengths Extensions are bonded to your hair using a keratin polymer compound with a molecular structure very similar to that of human hair. The keratin moves and behaves like your own hair, ensuring a gentle yet strong hold without damage. The result is beautiful, healthy hair that blends seamlessly and naturally with your own. 

For more information about Great Lengths hair sourcing and patented technology, click here.

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extensions faqs

What kind of extensions do you offer?

I do Great Lengths extensions, a premium brand often called the “Rolls Royce of extensions.” Great Lengths are made of 100% natural human hair that’s hand-treated in Italy. Their quality is unparalleled and they don’t compromise the health of your existing hair. They integrate seamlessly into the hair you have so that no one — including you — will know you have extensions. I specialize in strand-by-strand hot fusion, and this is the process I’m referring to in the following answers.

What makes Great Lengths extensions better than other brands or tape-in extensions?

Great Lengths extensions don’t involve any gluing, knotting, weaving or welding. I install these extensions using a strand-by-strand system with small bonded pieces that wrap around your hair and match your colour perfectly. The result is hair that moves naturally and extensions that are disguised within the natural hair. The extensions are made of East Indian Temple hair. This “remy” hair means that the cuticles are all in the same direction and therefore don’t tangle. 

Who is Great Lengths for?

If you’ve got fine hair or have always wanted long hair, Great Lengths are for you. They are also a great option for anyone who wants highlights that don’t damage their hair, or for anyone coping with unique challenges like hair thinness, balding and alopecia.

How long do they last?

Typically, the extensions last for three to six months.

Will the extensions damage my hair?

No. The keratin bonds move and behave like your own hair, ensuring a gentle yet strong hold without damage. You can wash, style and brush your hair just like you normally would.

Will the extensions make my hair fall out?

No. You naturally shed 80 to 100 hairs a day. Sometimes when you get extensions, the hairs that would normally fall out get stuck in the bonds and don’t shed. When your extensions are removed, you may notice a surplus of natural hair.

How long does my hair need to be for me to get extensions?

Your hair should be at least three to five inches long.

How much do they cost?

The cost of the extensions varies according to the length and thickness of the hair you desire, as well as the density and length of your own hair and how they need to be installed. Prices for a full head of extensions start at roughly $900. I am unable to provide you with a quote until you come in for a complimentary consultation.  

What happens at the consultation?

If you’re interested in getting extensions, I will ask you to come in for a face-to-face consultation so that I may properly assess your hair. This will allow me to use my expertise and knowledge to provide you with the best options for your hair. I will assess how much hair I need to order for you and how long the installation will take.

I’m happy to do a test strand for you and provide you with a quote that’s valid for six months. You have no obligation to go ahead with the extensions. Upon deciding, a 50% deposit is due to book the next appointment.  

Have more questions?

Be sure to check out the Great Lengths website and read up on all the important information it has to offer: greatlengthscanada.com.