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Hey there friend, at this time I've decided to take a step back from the salon. If you've been before you know what a big part of the salon Leroy was, and if you're new here, Leroy was my dog, & my everything, he made up so much of the salon experience. Since his passing in early May I have needed to take a break to heal. 

With much thought  and consideration I have chosen to take a 12 week leave of absence from the salon. Check back early August for my books to be opened again for the autumn.

first time guests 

Your Hair Matters.

I understand how important hair can be. Having a bad hair day can have a big affect on you, not to mention living with a haircut or colour you don't feel great in. That’s why your first appointment is important to me. You are choosing to invest in your hair and that is why I spend extra time listening to and hearing about you, your hair, and what you are wanting. Like your personality, your hair is unique. I want to understand your hair and its history as much as possible before we begin.

I believe in honest communication and realistic goals. It takes more than just technique and skill to give you a look thats tailored to you. There is so much more to you than just your hair and I want to make sure to give you hair that reflects your personality and has you leaving more comfortable and confident than when you walked in.

Still have questions? Check out the blog post on my consultation process.

*Please note that my services and rates may have changed since you last booked.
Please reach out to my team below if you have any questions.*
New Client Consultations are a flat rate of $100.

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 Not sure what service you need or looking for a full list of service prices? Contact Dawn's team and they will let you know.