"Dawn was first introduced to me through one of my best friends (who ironically has always had rockin' hair!) I must have known beyond my friend's recommendation that she was trust worthy because the first time she cut my hair was when I decided I would shave it all off. A social experiment, and a personal venture of freedom that I did not feel comfortable to let just anyone do; she was the perfect person. Dawn is quite literally the only hair dresser I've ever found that understands not only what I want, but also where I'm coming from, and how I want to project myself through the way my hair looks. As a singer, image does communicate a lot. I am over joyed to be working with someone who helps to make me feel memorable on stage, and beautiful off of it."

Phoenix Laurén, Singer/Performer


"If my hair had a face, it would smile after every Dawn Bradley haircut. I've been going to Dawn for almost 15 years (that's my longest relationship - ever), and I can honestly say, she can do it all.  From fashion cuts, to low maintenance cuts, from straight hair to wavy to curly, from my graduation to my wedding, Dawn can transform you into the look YOU want.  She's not only a great hairdresser, but a true friend.  Someone who will understand the core of who you are, without judgement, and give you the look to match. Find out what 'smiling hair' feels like, see Dawn.  Thanks Dawn for adding your flare to the important events in my life, it wouldn't have been the same without you, love!"

Whitney G, Radio Personality

"Never in my life, have I received more compliments on my haircuts than with Dawn. This is a huge deal as a curly haired individual. It is very tough to find someone who has the knowledge and ability to cut curly hair. But with Dawn, she has proven time and time again that she is a professional in this area. This is one of the many reasons I continue to have her as my stylist!"

Denise V

"Dawn transforms me every time I walk into her salon. She is equally intuitive and talented. I can give her a bit of an idea of what I`m wanting to do with my hair and she never fails to go above and beyond my expectations. She is a true artist. 

Dawn put my Great Lengths extensions in over three months ago and I can not begin to express how happy I have been with them. I walked into her salon that day feeling like a plain Jane tomboy if you will and walked out of there feeling like a true `blonde bombshell`! Dawn did such a good job putting the extensions in and I have received so many compliments, as they look and feel so natural. They truly have felt like my own hair every since I got them. I couldn`t be happier. 

Thank you so much Dawn, you truly are amazing."

Carmen K